Quick Home cleaning hacks

How many hours have been lost in the discussions about home cleaning and maintenance? The internet is filled with articles, info-graphics, news, write-ups, and videos about home cleaning and home organization. How many times have you lost hours handling tricky cleanups that you just couldn’t resolve? When we clean our homes we tend to stick to the same routines – sweep, wipe, vacuum – but by doing so we never know if we are actually cleaning our home or simply giving it a wipe-down. Cleaning our homes is something not many of us look forward to, and once we’ve started the end never seems in sight. Many places are therefore overlooked or we think that simply giving things a quick wipe is good enough. So here are some hacks that you should not miss while trying to clean your home.

This doesn’t only include the handles on your main doors, but also your fridge handle, microwave handle, oven handle, cabinet handles and so on. You and your family touch these handles more than once a day, and therefore germs spread easily. Use a natural cleaning and disinfecting agent to wipe down and clean all knobs and handles. A used dryer sheet can buff out water spots from your mirrors and bathroom/kitchen fixtures, tackle water spots on your shower doors, and even get rid of that loathsome ring in the toilet that just won’t budge. Use new dryer sheets to wipe your baseboards clean, and you’ll be not only be cleaning them but adding a dust-fighting layer to them as you go. Focus on countertops, your walls and anything else before you get to the floors. It’s always better to clean the floors last, as crumbs and other things may drop onto the floor while you’re cleaning, and you can make the floors dirty while you’re walking up and down during the cleaning process. Make the inside of your microwave sparkle by spreading some vinegar for a few minutes. Place equal amounts of vinegar and water in a microwave safe bowl and place it in the microwave. Then set your microwave for 5-10 minutes and enjoy the steam cleaning. Wait a couple minutes to open it up, then wipe the surfaces clean with a sponge or paper towel. Add a few drops of vegetable oil to paper towel, then wipe the greasy surface and watch the oil disappear.

Your mop, your swabs and your vacuum cleaner work pretty hard for you, and therefore you need to look after them. Simply wiping them down or rinsing them in water doesn’t rid them of the grime collected during cleaning. Make sure you give them a good wash and soak to avoid cleaning your home with dirty items. Similarly germ and bacteria buildup occurs right under the plughole and if you don’t include this in your cleaning routine it can result in germs lurking under your sink. Wipe these down carefully with disinfecting wipes and cleaning agent. These are some niche areas of the house that you may have missed or overlooked cleaning earlier, but are really crucial to clean to make a home sanitized and clean.